Interdisciplinary Research

Whale swimming underwater in the ocean.
The Applied Research Laboratory addresses problems in national security, economic competitiveness, and quality of life.
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The Humanities Institute is dedicated to supporting the generation and promotion of ideas in all aspects of the humanities and related disciplines.
A researcher dressed in scrubs looks through a microscope
The Penn State Cancer Institute is the focal point for all cancer-related investigators, and connects discovery to practices and population sciences.
A doctor listening to a patient's chest with a stethoscope.
The Clinical and Translational Science Institute develops and implements new methods to predict, prevent, and treat human disease.
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The Institute brings researchers together to develop and apply innovative, high performance computation methods.
A professor and a student smiling in a research lab.
The Institutes of Energy and the Environment aims to advance the energy and environmental research missions of the University.
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The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences promotes excellence in interdisciplinary life science research and education at Penn State
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The Materials Research Institute facilitates collaboration across the various research communities at Penn State.
Photo of a an index finger point at a social network illustration on a piece of glass.
The Social Science Research Institute promotes research encompassing the skills and perspectives needed to solve complex social problems.
Two students outside building a solar panel.
The Institute incorporates sustainability practices into daily life across the University and prepares its community to be tomorrow's sustainability leaders.
Magnifying glass over the word "ethic."
The Rock Ethics Institute promotes ethical awareness and inquiry across the University and is a catalyst for interdisciplinary ethics research on contemporary issues.
White laboratory rat.
The Animal Resource Program (ARP) aims to improve animal research and ensure humane treatment of animals used in research and teaching at the University.